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Find Me Now (Journey Made Safe)


Find Me Now is the most reliable application to share location automatically at regular intervals of your loved ones while on journey.

safe and protect your family,mom,dad,wife especially its most useful application for Women Journey Made Safe.

Find Me Now tracking your loved ones location when they are enable tracking .It will track the vehicle until he/she closes or disable the tracker.

Find Me Now will send the exact location with map link and also send the picture of the driver. An option to take picture of the driver from the application itself and also records the conversations inside the cab or auto etc then automatically sends to the registered mail id.

The most useful application for women safety.Get notified your husband or father or mother while traveling in night times especially . And also everyone can use it easily.

Steps to proceed with application user interface :

* Step 1 : Install Find Me Now from Google Play.
* Step 2 : Register reporting mobile number ( Whom to report ) and email
* Step 3 : Go to Options and clicks on Settings set SMS time interval for regular location updates.
* Step 4 : Enter vehicle number and enable the tracker check box if you wanted to notified by someone.
* Step 5 : If you wanted to take the picture of the driver go to menu clicks on “Take Picture”.

It will automatically sends a mail to the registered email.

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